Rigorously Tested, Certified Compliant


We Take Safety Seriously

No matter what product you pack, your customers will appreciate the most reliable closure on the market. We employ a combination of Child-Resistance and Senior Ease of Access methods and certifications through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). 

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Safe for Kids and Easy for Seniors

Keep Kids Out

Protect your customers and community when you choose Calyx Containers. Our packaging is Child-Resistant Certified in the United States and Canadian cannabis markets.

Let Consumers In

Senior-focused testing verifies that our closure is inclusive towards everyone who needs access to your product.

How to Open Calyx Containers


How to Open Calyx Drams

Squeeze “Pinch” indicators, then grip the opposite sides of the lid and pull.


How to Open Calyx Concentrates

Pinch the Lid above the arrows on the base, then lift the lid in a hinging motion.



How to Open Calyx Tubes

Press the back of the lid above the hinge, then use the tab to lift the lid.

Patented Packaging Technology

When you choose Calyx Containers, you're selecting one of the most unique and reliable options for your carefully cultivated product.

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