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More than 250 brands use calyx to deliver better customer experiences

Quality Assurance
Premier product protection.

Calyx Containers’ resealable and UV blocking mechanism combat the three adversaries of marijuana storage: moisture, oxygen, and UV light to keep your product fresh as the day it was packaged.

Social Responsibility
Smell proof. Certified child resistant. Senior friendly.

Offer the most user-friendly packaging experience with our anti-rotation, teeth-blocking lock that is part of an ergonomic, easy-open closure ideal for discreet adult consumers.

Branding & Consumer Loyalty
Customizable brandability from top to bottom. Literally.

Boost brand recognition with our fully customizable coloring and labeling from cap to base.

Company Economics
Save on time, space and costs.

We have created the most efficient inventory management system that will optimize transportation, maximize space and minimize labor time and costs.

Upgrade your product with innovative packaging

Explore packaging solutions

Working with Calyx has been turnkey, and their customer service is outstanding.

We know the cannabis industry has a waste problem and sustainability is a top priority for Wana Brands. After extensive research on packaging options, we decided to partner with Calyx, which reduced our packaging waste by about 60%. The packaging has great shelf appeal, and we love the freshness seal, stackability of the containers and small footprint.

Author nancy
Nancy Whiteman
CEO of Wana Brands