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Explore our comprehensive collection of dielines for various packaging formats, including Calyx products, variable labels, and common round packaging styles. 

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Speed up your creative process and design with print in mind and by reviewing our Print Requirements before creating your artwork.



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Are you looking for a dieline that's uniquely tailored to your brands needs? Calyx has got you covered. Reach out for information on our custom dieline creation and printing capabilities 

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Turn your package into a Sales and Marketing engine with CalyxFX print solutions. We leverage cutting-edge Digital Offset Print technology to propel your packaging to new heights–whether you use Calyx Containers or any other package. 

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Streamline procurement and partner with Calyx for your printer, scanner, and thermal label needs. As an official partner of Zebra, TSC, Sato, and Cipherlab, we can equip your team with the print and media capabilities needed in both your horticultural and retail environments.

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