Designed Specifically for Cannabis


Calyx Containers were designed to preserve cannabis.


From our manufacturing processes to our material selection, everything revolves around designing, functional, sustainable packaging solutions centered around product preservation. 

Rigorous Testing

Data is important to us. As innovators, we are always putting our products to the test to ensure our containers are living up to our customers' (and our) expectations. 

Calyx' internal and external testing teams run tests such as MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) and Vaccum Burst Testing. 


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Material Selection 

We don't take material selection lightly. From Hemp Plastic to compostable materials, we've explored the vast majority of sustainable options. We landed on the Polypropylene for our Dram containers and lids and glass for our Concentrate Containers.

According to GreenBlue.Org only about 11% of Americans have access to industrial composting facilities that take packaging. That, in addition to other similar statistics brought us to select materials that the majority of Americans can recycle curbside.

We have prioritized product preservation and closing the recycling loop.

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The Seal Secret

Our pinch-and-pull lids are designed to be child-resistant, yet senior-friendly all while keeping a tight seal on your cannabis. The gasket technology consistently reseals after every use, eliminating the need for any secondary foams, heat seals, or any other materials. Keeping product fresh even after consumers have opened the package.

Added bonus: The lids and gaskets are produced via a zero-waste process. 0% waste manufacturing. 100% recyclable.

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Calyx + You

Calyx is committed to providing the cannabis industry with containers that maximize shelf-life to improve your customer experience and bottom line. See them for yourself.

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