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How and Why We Test Our Products

Every Calyx container and package is a part of our Product Testing Ecosystem, developed to validate, monitor, and improve each batch of product. Our unique series of novel, standardized testing methods allows us to keep a pulse on performance and provide you with the best package every time. This Ecosystem utilizes rigorous studies by Gold Standard laboratories and continuously checks against these results using rapid, in-house tests. Performance is in our DNA so quality can be in yours. 

The Metrics that Matter

We’re continuously aligning our Product Testing Ecosystem to the dynamic demands of the cannabis industry. If you care about it, we test for it.

Dimensional Analysis

We measure critical product components with high precision to ensure perfect fit and function with every assembly.


Leak Testing

Calyx products are put in extreme conditions to test product safety and containment in the harshest environments.


Vacuum Burst Testing

Calyx Containers are designed and tested to keep terpenes safe and resist internal pressures equivalent to a plane flying at 30,000 feet.

Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR)

We analyze the rate at which moisture effluxes from our containers to ensure the best seal performance and shelf life. 

Terpene Vapor Transmission Rate (TVTR)

Our tests emulate real world conditions to measure our containers’ ability to resist terpene degradation and keep your products fresh.

Shelf Life Testing

Using real cannabis products, we track single cannabinoid and terpene levels over time to optimize our containers’ internal environment for every product.

Patented Packaging Technology

When you choose Calyx Containers packaging, you are selecting one of the most unique and reliable options for your carefully cultivated product.
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