How Glass Packaging Preserves Cannabis Concentrates

From Crumble to Rosin, to Hash, and Wax, Calyx’s Glass Concentrate Containers are the perfect solution for preserving your cannabis concentrates & terpenes!

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How Glass Packaging Preserves Cannabis Concentrates

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Mar 16, 2023 6 min read

By Calyx Containers

It’s not news that cannabis extracts are gaining in popularity. A growing community of dabbers has established its own subculture within the larger cannabis-consuming market. There is even a holiday dedicated to their lifestyle: July 10th, otherwise known as 710.

It’s no wonder why there’s increased demand. These potent products offer seasoned stoners a heavier hit thanks to their higher THC levels—they can range from 70% to 90% THC, compared to flower that ranges from 5% to 35% THC. On top of a higher high, these products have a more dynamic flavor profile and come in all shapes and sizes. This gives concentrate consumers plenty of choices to find the extract that is tailored to the user’s preferences.

Understanding the complex extraction, storage, and consumption methods behind cannabis concentrates is a point of pride for dabbers. Their expertise in cannabis leads them to prefer higher quality products and paraphernalia, including packaging. Glass concentrate containers provide a solution in part because of the heady glass subculture—many dabbers take pride in their collection of glass pipes and rigs. Follow along to see how Calyx’s re-designed concentrate container benefits cannabis concentrates.

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Why Should You Use Glass Packaging?

Most concentrates, no matter their consistency, are the products of hard work and a complicated scientific equation to create a delectable and sticky product. To preserve their quality, glass packaging is generally the optimal choice for storing cannabis concentrates.

Benefits of Glass Packaging

Glass is a smart, reliable option for storing cannabis due to its nonporous and chemical-free nature, which prevents interaction with complex cannabis compounds. Glass is an inert material that does not interact with the substances it’s storing. This is ideal for preserving delicate concentrates because it won’t compromise their quality or purity. Since glass doesn’t react to anything stored in it, there’s no risk of contamination from off-gassing chemicals leaching into the product. This means consumers will experience your concentrate’s taste and smell the way you intended. 

Glass also provides sustainability benefits like reusability, recyclability, and higher contributions to the circular economy when compared to other packaging materials. Plus, it provides superior protection from environmental factors like oxygen that can degrade or even ruin your concentrate over time if not properly stored in a tight container. 



Empty Calyx concentrate container in green lighting



Calyx’s Glass Concentrate Containers

We’ve re-engineered our Concentrate Containers to improve sealing performance, enhance the internal geometry, reduce overall weight, and improve clarity. Our constant innovation and rigorous quality control measures ensure the product you pack is the product you sell.

Our glass Concentrate Containers have a wide mouth that allows consumers to scoop out every last bit of cannabis extract. We offer two sizes of packaging: 7mL, which is optimal for 1.0-3.5 grams of extract, and 4mL, which is ideal for 0.5-1 gram.

Our bi-injection molding process mindfully manufactures tight, resealable lids that complement our premium glass bases. This technology allows us to inject the gasket and lid into the same mold, meaning less material is used when compared to competitors’ caps. Plus, we don’t use any harmful or non-recyclable adhesives. 

Our secondary gasket creates a tight seal between the lid and base to protect against oxygen or moisture escaping or entering. This makes our bi-injection molded lids ideal for cannabis concentrates not only because they’re sustainably made, but also because they keep contents fresher for longer than traditional caps would.

In case your saucy concentrates require extra protection, our optional fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) liners, are pre-formed and perfectly slot into our lid and gasket seal. Fluoropolymers, like FEP, offer superior resistance against chemicals and solvents—making them ideal for protecting cannabis concentrates. These inserts are excellent barriers against oxygen and moisture: two elements that can quickly break down volatile compounds found in many types of cannabis extracts if not properly sealed off from the outside. 

Protect your extracts that accidentally turn over in transit with the liner’s pre-formed shape. This serves as a collection pool for your concentrates. Just freeze, remove and flex the liner to access every last drop.



Open Calyx concentrate container filled with cannabis concentrate



We put our Concentrate Containers to the test. Every batch undergoes Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) and Vacuum Burst Testing. These rigorous tests determine how well the packaging protects cannabis concentrates from outside elements during the storage, transportation, or distribution of extract products.



Close-up of a Calyx cannabis concentrate container with bright green Calyx branding



The Different Types of Concentrates & Consistencies

There are many (and we mean many) different types of cannabis extracts. Here’s an overview of the most popular concentrates: wax, hash, rosin, live resin, and crumble. 


Closely resembling honey, wax is extremely potent and easy to come by, making it one of the most popular dabs. However, since it’s so sticky, having the proper container and tools to handle it is of the utmost importance.

Within the category of wax there are many different consistencies, some of the most common being sauce, sugar, and budder. Sauce is made up of two parts: cannabinoid-rich crystals and terpene-packed oil. Since the oil is full of tasty terpenes, it lends to a more flavorful dabbing experience. Sugar is the same thing, but it’s wetter, hence its name because it looks like sticky sugar. 

Budder is a highly sought-after product because of its high THC potency—90 to 99% THC on average. Its consistency is achieved through a labor-intensive procedure of whipping the concentrate during the purging process. 


Hash or kief is the collection of trichomes—the part of the bud that carries the most terpenes and cannabinoids—that create an extremely fine and potent powder. It can be left in its natural form and added to flower to make it more effective, rolled into moonrocks, or pressed into rosin.


You get rosin when you take your kief and put it under heat and extreme pressure. That process further breaks down the cannabis compounds that are then sieved one more time, resulting in a more pure, potent, botanically rich concentrate. 

Live Resin

The reason it’s called live resin is that the extract is pulled from a “live,” freshly harvested cannabis plant—the curing and drying process is skipped. Prior to extraction, the plant has to be flash-frozen to subzero temperatures and then hit with solvents like butane. Then, it’s pressed into its final form. 

This extraction process helps to keep its terpene profile as close to the natural fresh plant as possible, making it richer in aroma and flavor. 


Crumble is similar to shatter in potency (60%-90% THC), however, it is much easier to store. It has a soft, crumbly texture—hence the name—and can be easily packaged. 

Level-Up Your Concentrates + Request a Sample Kit

Calyx Concentrate Containers offer a reliable solution when it comes to preserving and protecting all types of cannabis concentrates. They’re sustainably produced, preserve your product’s integrity, and are compatible with nearly all concentrates and consistencies.

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