The Benefits of Glass Packaging in the Cannabis Industry

Glass packaging is a reliable, smart option for storing cannabis products due to its nonporous nature when interacting with cannabis compounds. Not to mention, glass provides important sustainability benefits compared to other packaging materials. Learn more about the benefits of glass packaging in the cannabis industry.

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The Benefits of Glass Packaging in the Cannabis Industry

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May 16 6 min read

By Calyx Containers in Cannabis Packaging

We’ve come a long way from getting weed in a clear plastic baggie. Nowadays, there are plenty of packaging options for cannabis products, from branded bags to sleek glass jars. At Calyx, we see the value of glass packaging because it allows cannabis retailers to show off their products while communicating top quality. 

Glass is a reliable, smart option for storing cannabis due to its nonporous and generally chemical-free nature when interacting with cannabis compounds. It also provides sustainable benefits such as recyclability, reusability, and a great opportunity to improve waste management compared to other packaging materials.




Glass Packaging Preserves Your Product

No one wants a stale or ineffective product. The key to maintaining cannabis quality is to maintain an optimal internal environment for cannabis to be stored in, safe from excess or lack of moisture, exposure to sunlight, and protection from oxygen ingress. Not to mention glass maintains its shape unlike bags and cardboard packaging thus protecting your cannabis plant, topicals, edibles, or extracts. Whatever shape or form your cannabis is in, glass packaging guarantees that its integrity is upheld until it is ready to be consumed.

Another key to preserving your cannabis, is preserving terpenes. But what are terpenes?

Terpenes are the aromatic oils in cannabis flower that are known to contribute to its scent and taste. Additionally, these unique aromatic compounds directly contribute not only to the cannabis scent but also to the unique effects different strains deliver upon consumption.

As organic matter, terpene concentration naturally diminishes over time. However, if you package your product in a humidity-regulating, UV-blocking container, your cannabis and terpenes have a greater likelihood of staying as fresh as the day they were packaged.

So Does Glass Packaging Preserve Terpenes?

Yes! Glass jars are non-porous. This means that the material prevents the aromatic oils from seeping into the packaging product, or out of the jar. And thanks to glass’s tight cell structure, when properly sealed, oxygen has a more difficult time creeping in and oxidizing the cannabis. 

Glass jars have a neutral charge, unlike plastic, which often has a static charge. A static charge can sometimes pull the trichomes (aka the crystal “hairs” on the flower that contain the terpenes) from the bud and onto the plastic. While plastic can be a reliable packaging product, glass is superior as it prevents this phenomenon from occurring and further preserves those precious terpenes.

With the right lid, glass jars can be resealable to control moisture and humidity levels in order to improve cannabis preservation and prevent terpene degradation.




How Calyx Glass Jars Prevent Degradation

Cannabis degradation and chemical compound changes can never be fully stopped. But certain characteristics of Calyx packaging can reduce these unfavorable exposures, maintaining cannabis’s optimal state for as long as possible.

Our jars have been tested by a third party under the USP 617 standard usually used for pharmaceutical packaging, and have been graded the highest possible rating under these standards. Our USP testing report shows minimal change in the container's internal micro-environment, taking into account Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates (MVTR) and Oxygen Transmission Rates (OTR). Translation: our jars keep your cannabis product nice and comfortable from the moment it’s packed to consumption.



We cap every one of our jars with our resealable bi-injected lids. They feature a molded gasket that actively works to block out moisture and oxygen even after multiple re-openings and closures. This allows the consumer to experience a fresher cannabis product and grants them the ability to store their product for later use. 

The Calyx Jar exhibits an accessible, resealable square mouth opening and is designed to hold as little free air as possible for up to 7 grams of flower. This is also known as “headspace.” Combined with our lid technology, this reduces oxygen in the container that can degrade the packaged product over time.




Glass Packaging is Sustainable 

A lot of cannabis packaging is single-use. Once the product is consumed, the package is thrown away, likely in a landfill, where it can sit for up to 500 years. Plastic packaging in particular, produces microplastics during that long period of time. While Calyx dram containers include an organic additive that converts its plastic into biomass instead of microplastics, glass offers plenty of advantages as a sustainable material.

Reduce and Reuse with Glass

What’s great about glass, especially pharmaceutical-grade glass, is that it’s food safe and reusable. After the cannabis product is gone, consumers can use the jars for toiletry storage, spice organization, or even meal prep.

A lot of packaging, especially plastic cannabis packaging, is single-use and cannot be recycled due to the materials or accessibility. Glass is generally more widely accepted for recycling than plastic. When plastic is recycled, it is usually downcycled, which means that it’s made into a lesser quality plastic product. Eventually, that cycle must come to an end, so this material can only be recycled once or twice, which is why our organic additive accelerates the degradation of our plastic offerings. Glass is infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be transformed into a new product again and again without any loss in quality. According to the EPA’s data in 2018, glass packaging is more than 2x as likely as plastic packaging to be recycled.




What Makes Calyx Jars a Sustainable Option?

Our glass jars are made from pharmaceutical-grade, high-quality glass, so consumers can easily reuse them after the cannabis product is long gone. Plus, they’re fully recyclable—yes, even the plastic lid!

Even though glass is known as a sustainable packaging option, not all glass packaging is made equal. Our jars are made from 56% recycled glass, a majority of it from post-consumer recycled content. Using recycled glass reduces emissions, saves precious natural materials, and ultimately saves energy. 

The biggest issue with glass packaging is that even though it saves energy when compared to plastic or other packaging materials, a high amount of energy is still needed to melt the glass in the recycling process. But here at Calyx, we have a solution for that too. We use electricity and renewable energy in our glass-making process resulting in ~15% fewer emissions than conventional glass manufacturing.

This big blue rock we call Earth is precious and gives you the cannabis product that your consumer knows and loves. We try to do everything we can to make sure we make as small an impact on Mother Earth as possible. Because without her, well, we’d certainly be out of business.

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