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Stay Flexible


Lean on our low MOQs and speedy, plate-free digital printing to minimize inventory and obsolescence while rapidly responding to demand. With MOQs at half the size of the competition’s and a U.S.-based supply chain to shrink shipping costs, we empower you to scale with confidence.

Packaging Value Redefined


Enhance market presence and shelf appeal while managing packaging spend. CalyxFX’s innovative print technologies like AI-powered Hyper Customization and attention-grabbing Specialty Inks give your brands a distinct advantage that other packaging partners can't match.

Quality Without Compromise


We’ve leveraged our material science expertise to provide you with a range of cost-effective and protective solutions to safeguard your product. Our durable yet lightweight materials provide excellent barrier properties against moisture, light, and oxygen to ensure your products maintain their potency and freshness.

Simplify and Save


Count on Calyx to support your multi-tier product strategy and simplify your purchasing process. With our diverse range of flexible and rigid packaging options, paired with cutting-edge print solutions, we offer a singular destination for unmatched quality and savings on your total packaging costs.

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Save Time and Reduce Your Labor


Our automation partnerships guarantee the seamless integration of WavePack products with cutting-edge equipment. We empower you to boost you to boost efficiency and production throughput, whether you’re using Calyx Containers or WavePack.


Optimize your supply chain and reduce your carbon footprint by adopting our lightweight flexible packaging. WavePack’s efficient use of space and materials mean more products per shipment and lighter shipments overall, translating to lower transportation costs and a greener approach to distribution.


Keep up with Calyx to learn about our upcoming sustainable product innovations.


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Request a Sample Kit

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