Tray Frames

Calyx tray frames allow our Calyx Inserts to be used on Slatwalls and optimize transportation.


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Inserts perfectly complement our entire line of containers to optimize and organize inventory storage and transport.


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Optimize and organize your inventory management with Calyx Containers’ modular Tray system. Calyx trays are nestable when empty, and are stackable with containers locked in to support your everyday business operations from transportation to inventory reconciliation. For optimal utility and longevity, our trays are manufactured from durable materials.

Lock-In Containers

Calyx containers lock into corresponding Inserts to form a functional, organized system and support smart and efficient business operations. Our corresponding Trays lock in containers to keep your product secure during shipping and storage.

Numbered Inserts

Calyx numbered, auto-counting Inserts increase filling and capping efficiencies while also expediting inventory reconciliation. Our numbered Trays and Inserts all start with 0. Without having to count, users can look at the last number visibly displayed on the Insert, and immediately know how many units it currently holds.

Container Compatibility

Calyx Trays perfectly complement our plastic Dram containers and Concentrate Containers to optimize and secure inventory management systems and transportation.

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