Cannabis Concentrate Containers

Calyx Concentrate Containers feature a novel design that keeps product fresh and customers happy. New raw material standards ensure our clear packaging provides the best possible viewing experience.


Base Color :

Container Lid Color :


Product Preservation

Calyx Concentrate Containers are available in 7mL and 4mL to optimize preservation of various quantities of extracts. The lid consists of our signature gasket technology combined with our FEP liner to prevent your extracts from sticking and leaking.

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Bring your sustainability values to life with our mindfully manufactured Concentrate Containers. These containers are 100% recyclable at the end of life, lid included. Experience a high quality, durable design that strongly encourages reusability.

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Child-Resistant + Senior Friendly

Calyx Concentrate Containers exemplify sophisticated safety for your cannabis product. The design utilizes our signature pinch-and-pull lid mechanism, which is Senior-friendly while accessible to those with dexterity limitations. This container is Child-Resistant and tamper evident with the use of a shrink band or sticker.

Inventory Management Trays and Inserts

Optimize and organize your inventory management systems with our corresponding trays and inserts. Our stackable, numbered trays lock in each concentrate container to support your everyday business operations from transportation to inventory reconciliation. 

Learn more about our Trays and Inserts.

Inventory Management Transport and Filling Trays

Calyx Concentrate Containers arrive uncapped, and are placed in ready-to-fill trays. These Thermoformed Trays’ modular packaging design optimizes your business operations and increases your large-batch filling and capping efficiencies.

Our Thermoformed Tray design protects glass containers throughout the entire storage lifecycle prior to distribution. Load and unload glass units with ease and organization, saving your business time and labor.

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