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Sustainability is Multi-Dimensional


We're Working Towards a Cleaner, Brighter Future


The cost of doing business can't come at the expense of our planet. We have a responsibility to each other to operate our businesses sustainability, protecting the environment for generations to come. 

Waste Reduction

We believe in mindful manufacturing aimed at reducing energy, water use, and emissions. 

Our plastic Drams and clear glass containers are 100% recyclable with zero added adhesives.

All lids are manufactured with zero material waste due to our bi-injection molding process.


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Accelerated Degradation 

Calyx containers have less impact on our environment compared to traditional packaging. Our containers are treated with an organic additive that enhances the speed of microbial decomposition.


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Inventory Management

For Calyx, delivering an efficient cannabis processing and storage solution goes hand in hand with ecological responsibility. Our container and inventory management system's novel design saves materials, space, and contributes to saving the planet. 

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Reuse and Recyclability

Our packaging is designed to be reliable, reusable, and easily recyclable. The secondary gasket seal in our lid design is safe for recycling, too, with no removal necessary!

Our Dram containers are made with food-grade polypropylene (#5). White and Clear labels are also made of polypropylene so they can be recycled right alongside their plastic containers.

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    Less Material

    A Minimal amount of material is used during manufacturing. Our clear glass contains 56% recycled content, and there are zero adhesives or secondary components in our lids.

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    Less Space

    Our square shape and grid-based inventory management system optimizes and saves 18% more space when compared to the footprint of a standard round container.

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    USA Made

    Our dram containers and lids are manufactured in the U.S. which means faster delivery with fewer emissions. Manufacturing inside the U.S. also means we follow strict environmental regulations.

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    Less Transit

    Spatial optimization means fewer shipments than the standard packaging. Fewer shipments means lower transit costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

Sustainability + You

Calyx is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and we continue to innovate new ways to reach our goals. Let us know how we can help you and your brand.

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