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Terpenes in Cannabis: What Are They and How Can You Preserve Their Benefits?

The cannabis retail industry is very familiar with the effects of different strains and cannabinoids but what about the role terpene profiles play in these benefits? Largely responsible for the unique sensorial experiences of our favorite strains, terpenes are now found to be a main contributor to symptom relief from specific ailments or medical issues. Marijuana businesses are now tasked with the challenge of maintaining these important terpenes from seed to sale.

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Terpenes in Cannabis: What Are They and How Can You Preserve Their Benefits?

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Apr 4, 2022 4 min read

By Calyx Containers in Cannabis Info , Cannabis Packaging

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, more research is being done to understand the health benefits of different strains and chemical components. 

The general public’s base knowledge of cannabis is rooted in compounds such as the cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). However, the lesser-known but perhaps equally important compound in marijuana are terpenes.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the aromatic oils in cannabis flower that contribute to its scent. Although terpenes are found in many plants, including sage, thyme, and lemons, they are popularly associated with cannabis because of its high concentrations. These unique aromatic compounds directly contribute to not only marijuana’s scent, but also the unique effects different strains deliver upon consumption.

Cannabis terpenes are known to be largely responsible for the flavor and psychoactive variations of the world’s most popular strains. They are largely credited for giving these strains their robust personality, character, and unique sensorial experiences in addition to offering relief for specific ailments or medical issues. 


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What Do Terpenes Do?

Although the effects of over 400 terpenes present in marijuana are not yet fully understood, certain terpenes are known to deliver specific medicinal benefits. For example, strains with Beta-caryophyllene are known to be beneficial for managing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Consuming strains with Humulene could have energizing effects, Linalool may help alleviate stress, and Myrcene is shown to have sedative effects

As CBD and THC prove to be the most commonly sought after cannabinoids in United States and Canadian retail, some research has been done to explore their impact in conjunction with terpenes. Experts are investigating the combination of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds present in marijuana and their ability to work collectively in order to produce the full effects of the plant. 

Cannabis products such as extracts, edibles, and tinctures that contain all components of the plant have been picking up popularity in the market. These are coined as “full spectrum” products, and have the potential to provide greater and more specified medicinal benefits in comparison to products that capitalize only on one compound, such as THC.

As the marijuana market evolves, further studies will hopefully explore how terpenes contribute to the plant’s full medicinal and psychoactive capabilities, and their contribution to the vast variety of strain types. Some budtenders advocate that strain-specific effects from the variations in terpenes are so prominent that cannabis users should pay closer attention to the differences in terpene amounts in addition to the concentration of THC and CBD.


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How Can You Preserve Terpenes?

Terpene concentration naturally diminishes over time, but also is subjected to degradation through environmental factors. To protect terpenes and other important components of the plant, it is crucial to know the unique degradation pathways of cannabis resulting from heat, light, air, and most importantly, moisture content. Moisture loss is the leading cause of accelerated terpene degradation, causing flower to become brittle and extracts to become dry. This can result in a dramatic decrease in the product’s desired effects.

We recommend packaging in a moisture-controlling, UV-blocking container to ensure that your cannabis and terpenes stay as fresh as the day they were packaged. To optimize your cannabis preservation, we recommend that your packaging consist of the following:

  • Glass jar base that is non-porous, and will work better to preserve terpenes in comparison to other packaging materials
  • Resealable lid that actively works to maintain optimal moisture levels
  • Opacity for optimal protection from damaging UV-rays


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Since cannabis testing is usually performed at the initial point of packaging, the testing data communicated on the label, which encompasses THC percentage, Total Active Cannabinoids (TAC), and terpene content, may end up being misleading to consumers if proper protective storage is not implemented. 

Calyx Containers Can Help

Calyx Containers are equipped with resealable lids with a proprietary bi-injection mold gasket for optimal cannabis storage. Our containers uphold the integrity of flower by maintaining optimal moisture levels and blocking UV-rays to protect flower from the damaging effects of sunlight.

Retain your terpenes with a tight seal that locks out moisture and UV-rays, so that your product smells, tastes, and feels the way you intend it to.

Whether you are looking to learn more about our cannabis packaging solutions or you’re ready to place an order, set your business up for success by reaching out to us via live chat, phone, or email.


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