What is Croptober?

With harvest season comes Croptober, one of the lesser known weed celebrations in comparison to 420 or 710. Croptober is when outdoor or sun-grown cannabis cultivators reap the rewards of their labor, leading to a surge of freshly grown buds being prepped for sale. Learn more about where Croptober stems from and how this time of year impacts consumers today.

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What is Croptober?

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Sep 27, 2022 5 min read

By Calyx Containers in Cannabis Info

What is Croptober?

Lesser known than the cannabis holidays 4/20 or 7/10, Croptober marks a special occasion for outdoor growers and consumers. Croptober is known amongst cannabis enthusiasts as the busy harvest season for northern-hemisphere outdoor growers. 

This celebratory time is a culmination of cannabis cultivators’ hard work. Croptober is the time to chop, trim, and dry their flowered plants to prep for sale. 

Why October? It’s Harvest Time!

Croptober = October. Experts estimate that up to 85% of all cannabis strains grown outdoors are flowering and ready to harvest during October, although there are some strains that usually flower early in September or later in November.

October is the sweet spot because the days get shorter. Fewer hours of daylight means the plant switches from growing leaves to producing flowers (aka bud). The sun’s natural cycles send a signal to the female plant that it’s running out of time to reproduce, so she kicks it into gear to create the cannabis buds consumers know and love.

Indoor growers are able to induce bud production by artificially changing the plant’s light exposure, while outdoor growers are at the total whim of Mother Nature. Mastering the growth of quality cannabis in a sungrown environment is why Croptober is so special. Outdoor grows are faced with various trials and tribulations such as dealing with excess rain, drought, a brisk spring, a scorching summer. The end result to this laborious work is carefully cultivated cannabis with unique qualities attributed to its grow method.


Man standing in a field of cannabis crops holding a bag full of harvested cannabis buds

Photo courtesy of Coastal Sun Farms


Croptober and Consumers

Besides seeing an influx of outdoor-grown cannabis available at retail, this time of year can benefit consumers with a budget for high-quality bud. Previously, Croptober meant the per-pound price for cannabis would drop by around $400 because of the flood of bud in the market. That dramatic price drop has since been leveled out thanks to indoor and greenhouse growers creating a balance of product year-round. 

However, consumers can still expect lower-priced, high-quality cannabis this time of year. The overall costs to grow outside are relatively low, and generally produces a higher yield. Producers are able to charge a low price per pound in relation to output, while still making a profit due to the large quantity produced at low costs. Those cost savings are then passed to the consumer. 

Even though price and output fluctuations have been mitigated with the introduction of indoor and greenhouse grow, Croptober is still extremely important to the cannabis community. It’s a time to celebrate the skill of outdoor growers, and a time to educate our community on the societal stigmatization around farming cannabis. Because at the end of the day, it’s just like farming and harvesting any other crop. 


A variety of Calyx products with custom branding set in front of a display of flowers


Effectively Package Your Bounty of Bud

After months of hard work to accomplish a successful harvest, you want to package your cured cannabis in a way that preserves its integrity. Calyx Drams have multiple benefits that keep stored cannabis preserved until it’s ready to hit the shelves.

Our Drams are available in multiple sizes—15D, 25D, 45D, and 145D—to fulfill all your packaging needs. Plus, they arrive at your filing facilities clean, open, and ready to fill. This saves you the costly time of having to separate each base from its lid.

Beyond simplifying your inventory management, Calyx Drams keep your cannabis as fresh as the day it was packaged. Made from food-grade polypropylene, these containers block UV rays to protect your cannabis from the damaging and chemical-altering effects of sunlight. Yes, even our clear Drams keep your product safe.

Thanks to our resealable lids and gasket technology, our Drams maintain optimal moisture levels and mitigate oxygen ingress so that what you package is always what you sell. By maintaining an optimal environment for your buds, your product is protected from terpene loss.

How Sun-Grown Cannabis Brands Use Calyx Containers for their Harvest

Bask Sun-Grown Cannabis grows its bud in a primarily solar-powered greenhouse, using the sun for its essential plant nutrients and to fuel the greenhouse systems. From their eco-conscious grow, they produce high-quality cannabis products for their customers on Massachusetts’ south coast. To keep their bud fresh, they turn to Calyx Dram containers! 

“For Bask, switching from mylar bags to Calyx Containers was a no-brainer. Immediately, we saw a difference in the quality of our packaged products and we felt better about using packaging that is recyclable and eco-friendly. As our business has grown to operate as both a medical and adult use facility, our production load has grown as well. Packaging and shipping our products from our production facility to our dispensary is simplified through the use of the Calyx packaging system allowing us to focus on our mission to provide high-quality cannabis products to patients and adult-use consumers at our dispensary in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.”


Two Calyx drams with different custom packaging

Photo courtesy of Bask Sun-Grown Cannabis (left) and Coastal Sun Farm (right)

Coastal Sun Farms believes that harnessing the power of the sun leads to better-quality cannabis for less money, and they pass those savings on to their consumers in California. In addition to natural sunlight and environment, this company uses bioponics to create mini-ecosystems of microbiology within each pot. As thoughtful cannabis producers, they want to make sure their product’s integrity is maintained. That’s why Coastal Sun Farm use Calyx Drams.

“As an innovative organization, it was important that our packaging pushed the envelope in several different ways. Calyx containers are truly remarkable and thoughtfully designed, from being ultra-lightweight to the built-in, multi-use flavor seal that carefully preserves the terpenes and medicinal compounds we work so hard to achieve in our cannabis. We also love how they are made in the USA, and how sustainably minded the company is. Calyx checked so many boxes for us and we couldn't be happier!”

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