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3 Ways to Keep Cannabis Fresh

Keeping your cannabis fresh after purchase is dependent on the integrity of your packaging. Learn how Calyx Containers can maintain your products' quality!

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3 Ways to Keep Cannabis Fresh

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Apr 10, 2023 5 min read

By Calyx Containers in Cannabis Packaging , Cannabis Info

As the cannabis industry grows, it’s become increasingly important for brands to ensure their products are kept fresh and of the highest quality. Cannabis products are susceptible to degradation due to several environmental factors such as light, heat, humidity, and air exposure. These conditions can cause cannabinoids like THC and CBD in cannabis-based products to break down over time. Improper storage of cannabis products can lead to them becoming less potent or even unsafe for consumption. Proper packaging plays a major role in maintaining product integrity and ensuring customers receive the best possible experience. 

Finding a cannabis packaging provider that promises product preservation can be difficult. That’s where Calyx Containers comes in. When we first started designing packaging specifically for cannabis, we made sure to isolate and find solutions for the biggest factors in its degradation.



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Here are three ways that we keep your cannabis fresh: 

1. Moisture Control

Moisture control is important in order to ensure flower remains between 59% and 63% relative humidity. Anything outside this range could cause mold growth or dryness, issues that impact product safety and cannabinoid content. Choose your packaging carefully to avoid producing products that may not meet compliance testing requirements. A container with serious seal strength is important for maintaining the optimal moisture level of your flower and ensuring none of your previous harvests goes to waste.



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Calyx’s Drams’ secondary gasket creates a strong seal between the lid and base and meets the performance metrics needed to earn a categorization of "Tight,” the highest possible rating under USP 671 Method 5 standards. This independent, third-party shelf-life testing concluded that products packed in Calyx Drams exhibit moisture loss of <1% over 30 days, a minimal change in the container's internal micro-environment. Shelf-life testing of competitive cannabis packaging indicates a 5-8% moisture loss in the same time frame. Lost moisture translates to lost revenue when cannabis is sold by weight, and no one wants to consume dry bud. Calyx has you covered!

2. Containers that Block UV Rays 

Ultraviolet rays from natural sunlight are particularly damaging to cannabis products, especially when light exposure occurs for extended periods of time. The two main types of UV rays that are detrimental to cannabis plants are UVA (320 to 400nm) and UVB (280 to 320nm). They break down cannabinoids, resulting in decreased potency levels. Store your cannabis away from direct sunlight and at room temperature (65 to 75°F) whenever possible to prolong the shelf life and keep your product fresh.

Calyx’s 100% recyclable plastic containers protect cannabis products from UV light, no matter if they are clear or opaque. Our UV Blocking Additive uses free radical scavengers that actively catch and dissipate UV wavelengths that interact with the container’s materials. 

3. Resealable Lids

Cannabis packaging for products that aren’t single-use, like flower, edibles, joints, and vape carts, must be resealable to be within Child-Resistant compliance. Additionally, resealable lids ensure the product remains fresh after the container’s initial opening.



Person holding Calyx bi-injection molded lid



All Calyx containers are equipped with resealable lids. We use a bi-injection molded gasket that mitigates oxygen ingress and controls moisture levels for optimal cannabis storage. Even better: our packaging maintains peak performance for up to 16 closures. This guarantees customers will have a great experience no matter if it’s their first or last sesh with your product. It also means that our products are reusable, for cannabis and anything else you want to protect and contain.

Calyx Containers Keep More Than Flower Fresh

As high-potency cannabis products continue to gain popularity, choosing a packaging provider with protective options optimized for a range of product types is essential to your business. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to ensure their products are kept fresh and of high quality.  Whether you're storing flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, or edibles, Calyx has a container for you.

Calyx Concentrate Containers have been optimized to improve sealing performance and enhance product preservation through rigorous manufacturing and quality processes. In addition, our optional  FEP liner provides an extra layer of protection on top of the lid’s tight gasket seal to preserve the integrity of your product. Learn more about how Calyx Concentrates protect your product and outperform competitors.


Person holding a Calyx concentrate container filled with cannabis concentrate



Edibles are a popular way for people to consume cannabis, but they need to be kept fresh in order to maintain their potency and flavor. Cannabinoids are responsible for providing the effects associated with consuming marijuana, and if they have degraded past a certain point you won’t experience the effects as intended. Tight-sealing packaging is important to ward off oxygen ingress and protect against oxidation, which degrades cannabinoids, volatile terpenes, and  THC/CBD content over time. 



Open Calyx drams filled with a variety of cannabis edibles



Pre-rolls are one of the most popular “on-the-go” segments of the flower market. Pre-rolls need to be sealed in a protective container that will keep them fresh, prevent canoeing, and ensure no water or debris get into your product. A tight seal, moisture barrier protection, odor-proof technology, and Child-Resistant features are must-haves when considering your pre-roll and vape cart packaging. 



Cannabis vape and cartridge in a Calyx pre-roll tube with custom branding



Keep Your Cannabis Products Fresh with Calyx

The Calyx team is here to help you preserve your cannabis and make a positive impact on your customers. Set your business up for success by reaching out to us via live chat, phone, or email for your custom cannabis packaging needs!


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Person opening a Calyx dram with pink Quantum Kush branding

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