Cannabis Packaging Redefined: The History of Calyx Containers

Recognizing the unique challenges of packaging cannabis products at scale, Calyx set out to develop the first ever comprehensive system tailored specifically for the industry. Through relentless innovation and vertical integration, Calyx has become a trusted packaging supplier, elevating standards in compliance, sustainability, and branding across the entire cannabis landscape.

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Cannabis Packaging Redefined: The History of Calyx Containers

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Jul 10, 2024 5 min read

By Calyx Containers in Cannabis Packaging

Let’s Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Since its invention by Dr. Henri Breault in 1967, the two-piece push-down and turn mechanism had been the go-to for Child-Resistant packaging, maintaining its position for 53 years. With sweeping waves of cannabis legalization nationwide, a need arose for packaging solutions tailored specifically to this industry's unique requirements. Recognizing this gap, Calyx Containers emerged in 2016 as the pioneer in developing a comprehensive system tailored specifically for cannabis products within the legal cannabis industry and its supply chain.

In early 2018, Calyx Containers made its debut in the cannabis industry with the introduction of the Calyx Dram and Calyx Tubes. Crafted with the unique challenges and needs of cannabis in mind, these containers were designed to provide a secure, safe and visually appealing packaging solution.

Our goal? To offer cutting-edge packaging solutions that not only keep cannabis fresh and preserve product integrity, but also stand out on the dispensary shelves. At every stage of our history as leaders in cannabis packaging, we’ve aimed to develop products that capture attention and enhance your customers’ experience.

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The Early Days and Continuous Improvement

Expanding on our initial success with Drams and Tubes, we launched the Calyx Concentrate Container in 2019. This innovation transformed the look and feel of concentrates across cannabis markets and set a new standard for product differentiation via packaging aesthetics and functionality. The Calyx Concentrate Container is the first ever Child-Resistant glass container with a square neck because we truly believe square is better. We surmounted technical and manufacturing challenges to deliver a package with optimized product accessibility via rounded internal geometry and a novel, ergonomic closure.

This design innovation was a response to the growing cannabis extract market, heightened demand for premium packaging solutions, and diverse regulatory landscape across different states. Placing utmost importance on the product preservation and accessibility of products for adult consumers, all while adapting to the evolving needs of the industry, demonstrates Calyx's commitment to innovation without compromising safety or product quality.

The Best Cannabis Concentrate Containers Get Even Better

Because product design is a living practice, we launched Concentrate 2.0 with improved sealing reliability and strength to elevate product preservation and overall performance. We dove headfirst into major manufacturing process upgrades to accomplish the goals we share with your brand: preserve cannabis to the highest degree possible, and provide end consumers with the best possible consumption experience. The quality was clear when we put our Concentrates to the test against competitive packaging.

Bringing Custom Cannabis Packaging to Life with CalyxFX’s First-In-Industry Print Technology

In 2022, Calyx sought to fill the cannabis industry’s gap in sophisticated decorations and branding solutions. Our answer to the industry’s branding challenges is CalyxFX: a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge print based tools to support brand storytelling and solve operations, logistics, and product authenticity challenges that are unique to cannabis. As the industry becomes increasingly competitive, we’re proud to offer solutions that increase the value of your product and turn your labels and printed packaging into masterpieces of strategy and science.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining control over the entire production process, Calyx Containers vertically integrated label printing capabilities into our core rigid packaging business. We thoughtfully selected first-in-industry Digital Offset Print technology to align with our sustainability promise and your need for razor-sharp artwork produced at lightning speeds.

Our mission? To provide premium, tailored solutions that propel cannabis packaging to new heights at a fraction of competitive costs, whether you're using Calyx Containers or any other packaging.

WavePack Makes Calyx More Flexible Than Ever

Building upon our innovations in the print realm, Calyx launched a new suite of flexible packaging products in 2024: Calyx WavePack.

We heard you–sourcing bags and pouches internationally is a logistical headache that puts your brand at risk for quality and reputational issues. Calyx manufactures WavePack stateside, a move that enables you to rapidly respond to market conditions and cut your brand’s carbon emissions when we partner together. This addition amplifies Calyx’s rigid packaging line, offering a complete spectrum of solutions to fulfill diverse cannabis packaging requirements and support your multi-tier product strategy.

With the introduction of flexible packaging, we’re demonstrating our commitment to embracing your voice and responding to industry trends. We’ll always do it the Calyx way, delivering high quality and protective packaging for cannabis brands seeking versatile, USA-made, and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

What Does the Future Hold?

Calyx aims to expand its market presence and continue shaping the future of packaging by meeting the dynamic and evolving needs of various industries. We are constantly innovating and incorporating new technology across all our product lines, from the launch of 100% Post Consumer Recycled Lids to our continuous expansion of print capabilities.

Count on Calyx to support your portfolio of brands and simplify your purchasing process. With our diverse range of flexible and rigid packaging options, paired with cutting-edge print solutions, we offer a singular destination for unmatched quality and savings on your total packaging costs.

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