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Labels Create Lasting Impressions

Labels don't just communicate information about your product—they also convey rich, intangible details about your unique brand. Entice your customers by working with our top-notch team and cutting-edge technologies to communicate your brand's values and capture attention wherever your product goes.


Level Up Your Labels

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Labels at Lightning Speed


Our digital-first print manufacturing produces faster, smaller runs than traditional label providers' time-intensive methods. When regulations and market conditions change, be sure your packaging provider can keep up.

Razor-Sharp Artwork


Our advanced digital printing can produce a broader range of colors and higher-resolution imagery than traditional, plate-based printing. Calyx’s state-of-the-art technology will help you surpass competitive brands at retail and create a lasting impression with your customers.

Partner with the Best


Our experienced print technicians draw on over 120 years of combined experience to ensure your artwork seamlessly translates to print.


Not sure where to start with your artwork? Our team of in-house design industry experts can reimagine your existing artwork to seamlessly fit Calyx's unique square format, as well as create show-stopping custom designs to make your brand shine.

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Sustainable Solutions


Our digital technologies generate less waste than traditional methods and don’t require creating plates for each printed iteration of your artwork. Our printers also use less ink, fewer chemicals and solvents, and consume less energy than conventional print techniques.

Autonomous Application


Streamline your operations when you choose Calyx packaging, label printing, and application services. Your labeled containers will arrive uncapped and ready to fill, saving time for your team.


on the


High-quality finishes and effects are an investment in your brand’s reputation and communicate to customers that your product is a cut above the rest.




Choose White when you need a high-contrast, clean, and cost-effective canvas for your artwork.


Use Clear to create custom windows and showcase your product through its packaging.


Add high shine with Metallic for a dramatic visual effect that conveys a premium consumption experience.




Make it Matte to underscore your brand’s natural image, or go for Gloss to amp up vibrant colors with a high-shine coating.

Special Effects



Bring your branding to the next level with selectively applied Spot Varnishes. Draw attention to key design elements using a high-shine Flat Spot Varnish, or add sensory dimension with raised Tactile Varnish.

Optional Two-Sided Print



You don’t need to sacrifice style for compliance. Keep your label clean and uncluttered while communicating essential information on the underside of your artwork with our novel Peel + Reveal technology.

Custom Dielines

Are you looking for a dieline that’s uniquely tailored to your branding needs? Calyx has got you covered. Reach out for information on our custom dieline creation and printing capabilities.

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Print your own

Calyx Containers can help you with your printer, scanner, and thermal label needs. As an official partner of Zebra, TSC, Sato, and Cipherlab, we can equip your team with the print and media capabilities needed in both your horticultural and retail environments.

Why work with us?

  • Integrated supplier across packaging, product labels, and variable data labels
  • Thermal label solution engineering
  • In-house equipment validation



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Coming Soon: Short Run Labels

Calyx is committed to sustainable printing practices. To minimize waste and reduce our environmental impact, we’ve set a minimum order requirement of 12k units for label printing.


Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our offerings and provide you with the best possible solutions.

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