CalyxFX Labels : A Masterpiece of Strategy and Science

Effective label design is crucial for capturing customer attention and driving sales, with 64% of shoppers buying products based on packaging alone. Learn the ins and outs of label construction and leverage CalyxFX's advanced capabilities to differentiate your products and enhance their market presence.

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CalyxFX Labels : A Masterpiece of Strategy and Science

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Dec 12, 2023 5 min read

By Calyx Containers in Cannabis Packaging

Label Design Impacts Your Bottom Line 

19 seconds–that’s the average time it takes for a shopper to make a purchasing decision. You’ve only got so much time to grab your customers’ attention, and packaging design plays a pivotal role in motivating purchases. 64% of shoppers say that they buy products off the shelf if they like the packaging, even without having done prior research on the product.

As the cannabis industry becomes increasingly saturated with competitive brands, and in some markets, an oversupply of product, savvy cannabrands are leveraging labels as a leading Sales and Marketing tool.

Custom CalyxFx Labels Support Your Strategy and Goals 

Before putting your team’s design chops to work, start thinking strategy. Define the purpose of your label design–are you differentiating between value products and top-shelf bud? Are you repositioning your brand to better resonate with customers and gain market share? Or are you simply looking for an updated look and feel to keep your products relevant in a dynamic marketplace? 

Partner with Calyx to bridge the divide between strategy and printed package. We’ll advise you on the ideal CalyxFX label materials, finishes, and embellishments for your design. A truly effective label blends your strategy and art with the science of consumer behavior and label production, resulting in a perfectly curated package that supports your business goals.

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A Label is a Multi-Layered Masterpiece 

A label is more than a canvas for your logo and product details. Behind each design lies layers of thoughtful storytelling and a complex production process that support your cannabis product sales. Even the slimmest of labels is constructed using five to six layers of material.

Layer 1: The Liner 

The first layer is one that your customers will never see. This paper or film liner is a backing that shields your label adhesive from the elements until it’s time to be peeled off and applied to your packaging. It’s needed for label transportation and application, and should be discarded in a sustainable manner.

At Calyx, we use PET film liners whenever possible. Paper liners tend to tear more easily than film, which can cause issues during machine application of your labels. Paper liners are a practical choice to line Thermal Transfer material, which you may use when printing variable, batch-specific information. Since your batch stickers are most likely hand applied after filling and closer to the point of sale, their liner doesn’t need to be compatible with automated application processes.

Layer 2: The Adhesive

Serving as the crucial intermediary between your liner and label material, this thin second layer plays a pivotal role in securely affixing the label to your product. Tailoring our approach to the diverse needs of label applications, Calyx offers a range of specialized adhesives.

We carefully select adhesives depending on your needs, from those specifically formulated to endure the rigorous filling process required for cannabis beverage products to those that allow you to print on the underside of your label using CalyxFX Peel + Reveal technology. At Calyx, we excel in the meticulous testing and development of adhesives, ensuring a solution that meets your needs every time.


Maximize your branding real estate with Peel + Reveal technology.


Layer 3: The Substrate 

The third layer of your label is your canvas. Known as the label substrate, it encompasses materials like paper, vinyl, and film. You may also hear label substrates referred to as facestock or the top sheet.

At Calyx, film stands out as our preferred choice of substrate due to its ability to cleanly peel off containers, optimizing recyclability. We work with your team to select the material that meets your needs, whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution or one that creates captivating visual effects.

Create dynamic, rainbow shimmering effects and increase the perceived value of your products by choosing Holographic Substrate.


Layer 4: The Ink

Ink is the paint on your canvas. Your color selections are some of the most important contributors to the look and feel of your label, while access to cutting-edge inks can take your design to the next level.

CalyxFX leverages 7 Color LEP (Liquid Electrophotgraphy) technology to match 97% of all Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors and eliminate time-consuming color matching and corrections. When your packaging requires an extra boost, opt for our range of Specialty Inks to extend the rainbow and surprise your customers.


Labels printed using a standard CMYK color process vs. Extended Color Gamut (ECG) inks.


Layer 5: The Finish

Once the artwork is printed using CalyxFX Digital Offset Technology, we apply an aesthetically appealing and protective finish. Think of this layer as the varnish on your painted masterpiece. We offer Matte, Gloss, and Soft Touch finishes in a range of varnishes and laminates to protect your artwork and digital electro ink selections. 

Layer 6: Embellishment 

Embellishments are like precious metals, gems, and thoughtful textures applied to make your masterpiece museum-worthy. This final layer contains immense potential to boost your presence in the cannabis marketplace. 46% of people perceive products with embellishments to be of higher quality than those without, and 77% of consumers prefer embellished packages. It’s clear that embellishments increase the value of your package.

Choose from our range of Flat and Tactile Spot Varnishes to add a sensory element to your design, or add shimmering Metallic and Holographic effects with our digital Spot Foils. CalyxFX’s high-tech digital label printing processes don’t require any plates–that means less time and no upfront costs spent on plate creation, and a faster time to market.

Silver Metallic Foil adds luxury and sophistication to a package while increasing the perceived value of your product.


Bring Your Masterpiece to Market

Label design and construction are meticulous processes combining strategy, art, material selection, and more. Once all the layers of your masterpiece are meticulously designed and printed, it’s time to apply them to your product. Calyx supports your needs no matter your application method, whether it’s through high-speed labeling machinery, semi-automatic labeling equipment, or manual application.

Connect with our team and request samples to experience CalyxFX firsthand.

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