Defend and Differentiate with CalyxFX Invisible Ink

Discover the secret weapon against counterfeiting and supercharge your brand’s visual storytelling with the power of CalyxFX Invisible Ink. In an industry where product integrity and brand sentiment are crucial to success, it's time to stand out and engage your customers like never before.

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Defend and Differentiate with CalyxFX Invisible Ink

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May 22, 2024 4 min read

By Calyx Containers in Cannabis Packaging

Defend Against Counterfeits and Grow Your Brand Base with CalyxFX Print Solutions

In a world where product authenticity is paramount and standing out on the shelves goes beyond what meets the eye, your packaging decisions matter to consumers. CalyxFX print technologies offer innovative and eye-catching solutions to safeguard your brand's integrity and engage customers in an experience that enhances your Sales and Marketing efforts.

Calyx’s Invisible Ink has diverse applications, from guarding against the impacts of counterfeiting to differentiating your package with exciting details that intrigue customers and drive sales. Details printed in CalyxFX Invisible Ink only reveal themselves under specific conditions: wave a blacklight over your design to reveal trust-building details or eye-catching graphics.

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CalyxFX Invisible Ink Crushes Counterfeits with Style

For cannabis brands growing their customer base in new and emerging markets, trust is crucial. Markets like New York are full of opportunities for both new players and established brands alike, but here's the snag–the rise of counterfeit products is making customers skeptical and cutting into legitimate operators’ sales.

Imitators can easily mimic your cannabis packaging using the same design tools you do, which puts any cannabis brand at risk. Your brand can’t guarantee a positive consumer experience with a counterfeit product, even though your reputation is on the line. Negative experiences and associations with your products’ copycats pose a challenge in building lasting relationships and winning customer loyalty, especially in key markets flooded with fakes.

A storefront in downtown Los Angeles showcases counterfeit packaging mimicking popular vape brands (Michael R. Blood / Associated Press)

Banish Bootleg Branding

Strategic packaging design choices can make your products more difficult to imitate and guard your brand against the financial and reputational impacts of counterfeiting. CalyxFX’s cutting-edge Invisible Ink acts as a covert guardian, revealing your package’s authenticating details only under a blacklight.

Thoughtful brands put this technology in practice by printing serial numbers, barcodes, or QR codes on their packaging with Invisible Ink, and often combine printed graphics with product verification web pages as tools to assure customers of authenticity. Educating cannabis consumers on the verification tools at their disposal and on your commitment to product safety is an opportunity to build connections with customers. You’ll ensure they feel confident in their purchase by incorporating discreet, unseen markers of authenticity on your labels and flexible packaging, and getting the word out on how to identify a genuine product.

Delight Customers with Layered Brand Storytelling

Take your packaging to the next level by incorporating whimsical details and engaging easter eggs using Invisible Ink colors. These hidden details captivate attention and make your packaging more interactive, encouraging customers to engage with your brand in an exciting and novel way. Interactive details also make your brand more memorable, which is crucial when fostering a deeper connection with your audience to build loyalty. CalyxFX Invisible Yellow Ink offers a spectrum of possibilities to enhance consumers’ experience with your product and give your packaging an edge in the market.

Break Boundaries on Any Dieline with CalyxFX Print Technology

Unlock the full potential of CalyxFX Invisible Ink across your entire packaging suite. CalyxFX technologies can be applied to any label, not just those designed for Calyx Containers’ packaging formats. Incorporating Invisible Ink amplifies your product's authenticity and allure, showing cannabis customers you care about providing a trustworthy and reliable consumption experience.

Rise Above a Wave of Imitators with Calyx WavePack

Extend the magic of Invisible Ink to your flexible packaging with Calyx WavePack. We take pride in producing our pouches right here in the USA, guaranteeing rapid turnaround times and responsive to your unique packaging requirements. Integrating CalyxFX Invisible Ink technology with WavePack allows you to seamlessly procure packaging that creates an unforgettable brand experience, whether you’re crushing counterfeits or simply spreading delight through your artwork.

Calyx is Your Canvas for Invisible Ink

Invest in the future of packaging with CalyxFX Invisible Ink. Rise above a wave of imitators, engage your customers with thoughtful details, and let your packaging tell a story that resonates.

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