Child resistant. Law abiding. User friendly. Calyx puts a lid on the competition.


Certified Child-Resistant

CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) Certified as Child-Resistant

Keep Kids Out.
Allow Adults In.

All of our packaging is developed from the ground up with child safety, arthritis assistance, and ergonomics in mind.

Meets ATSM Standards

Meets ATSM Standards

Meets ASTM Standards - Our flower container meets ASTM standards and was designed to open and close nearly as easily as packaging without child-resistant (CR) features.

Bite Blocking Mechanism

Bite Blocking Mechanism

The container’s base flange features a bite-blocking mechanism for both teeth and fingernails.

Anti-Rotation Locks

Anti-Rotation Locks

Our packaging incorporates anti-rotation locks and an audible click for closure confirmation while remaining effortless to open and shut.

Hard for Kids. Easy for Adults.

Easier for Seniors, and for some who have trouble with other types of child-resistant packaging.

Elegant Form, Uncompromised Function

Our team has collaborated with leading industrial engineers and packaging industry experts to optimize the Calyx Containers lineup with improved child protection and adult-friendly ergonomics.

Legislative Compliance + Custom Labeling

Four sizes, Two styles

Always compliant

A container for everyone

Multiple labeling options allows for the utmost flexibility in branding and packaging design.

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Cannabis Legalization Map

Requires Opacity
No Opacity

Child-Resistance Certification

Calyx Containers CPSC Child Resistant Testing Certification

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UV Light Blocking Test

Calyx Containers harmful UV light blocking third-party laboratory test

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Consumer Benefits

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