TACarmor Lids: A Sustainable Shield for Solventless Extracts

Introducing TACarmor Lids, a revolutionary solution addressing the unique challenges of preserving high-value solventless cannabis extracts. Through a careful balance of performance and sustainability, TACarmor enhances packaging to safeguard cannabinoids without compromising environmental responsibility, ensuring every dab is preserved for an optimal consumer experience.

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TACarmor Lids: A Sustainable Shield for Solventless Extracts

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Jun 21, 2024 5 min read

By Calyx Containers in Cannabis Packaging

TACarmor Triumphs Over the Unique Challenges of Preserving High-Value Solventless Extracts

Cannabis extraction is an energy and resource-intensive process that by nature produces a low yield of saleable product, and this is especially true for solventless extracts. For instance, rosin pressed from flower will produce only a 15-25% yield per batch, and live rosin extracted from fresh frozen flower turned ice water hash will yield anywhere from 4-24% of final product.

That means it’s especially important for solventless extract packaging to retain and preserve every last dab. Protective packaging not only preserves the end consumer’s experience, but also minimizes waste and the sustainability concerns associated with the cannabis industry.

Balancing performance and sustainability poses unique challenges–overprotecting less sensitive products can lead to material and processing waste, and under protecting delicate extracts leads to product spoilage and wasted energy. To Calyx, optimizing cannabis storage means continuously improving our offerings to provide solutions tailored to the precise level of protection your extracts require. This approach led us to develop TACarmor, the ideal solution for preserving cannabinoids in high-value cannabis extracts without the need for additional liners and materials.

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Keep reading to learn more about what packaging performance tiers look like across the industry, and see how TACarmor fills a performance gap while helping your brand live up to its sustainability promise.

TACarmor Fills The Performance Gap in Industry Standard Packaging

In the cannabis industry, concentrate packaging typically falls into three categories: standard, medium-performance, and high-performance. Knowing the differences can help you thoughtfully select packaging based on your specific extracts’ preservation needs. This strategic approach not only minimizes waste from overprotecting less delicate products, but also ensures that the most sensitive concentrates receive proper storage, mitigating the waste caused by product spoilage.

Standard Packaging

These options are often generic or re-marketed and repurposed from other industries. Standard solutions often use closures and materials that aren’t ideal for high-value cannabis products, offering poor oxygen and moisture resistance due to a weak seal and low-performance materials.

Medium-Performance Packaging

This tier attempts to improve upon generic options by incorporating additional liners or different liner materials for slightly better terpene preservation. However, they still fall short in seal performance. While these packages offer acceptable performance for cannabis concentrates like distillates and unrefined oils, they aren’t the ideal choice for high quality solventless and terpene-rich products.

High-Performance Packaging

These solutions surpass standard and medium-performance packages with sealing and material properties that are in a more acceptable range for complex, top-tier cannabis products. However, these high-performance products often excel in either terpene resistance or in oxygen resistance, typically at the expense of the other. TACarmor delivers the best of both worlds.

TACarmor Stands Out from the Pack

Industry standard packaging tiers exhibit a clear gap: high-performance packaging mindfully tailored to specific extract formats. That’s where TACarmor Lids come in. Our new Concentrate Performance Tier offers the ideal balance of oxygen resistance and cannabinoid and terpene preservation designed for solventless and cannabinoid-rich extracts.

TACarmor Enhances Calyx Concentrate Performance Tiers

Calyx’s Concentrate performance tiers are built on a foundational solution that’s already far beyond industry standard packaging: our Classic Unlined Lids. TACarmor and Premium FEP-Lined Lids offer additional protection tailored to unique concentrate formats, with TACarmor precisely engineered to protect extracts with sensitive cannabinoid profiles, like hash, rosin, and budder.

Calyx Concentrate performance tiers are uniquely crafted to support your multi-tiered product strategy. Specifically tailored for various extract formulations, they surpass industry standard tiers through specialization, ensuring optimal performance and preservation of concentrates across your entire product catalog.

How TACarmor Works for Your Products

TACarmor strengthens the polymer structure of our Classic Unlined Lids to provide a higher tier of protection. TACarmor’s treatment coats Lid material polymers in a protective barrier with increased hydrocarbon and oxygen resistance, while still maintaining full recyclability.

TACarmor’s ability to protect and defend against terpenes and oxygen maintains a more stable microenvironment after packaging when compared with untreated lids. When you close TACarmor Lids, you’ll still hear that reassuring Calyx Click proving your resealable packaging’s been properly capped.

How TACarmor Helps You Sustainably Stand Out from the Pack

There's a problem with extra-protective concentrate packaging: it often requires an extra layer of material. When you’re packaging syrupy, terpene-rich concentrates like sauce, that additional layer may be what’s needed to ensure no energy spent on your grow and processing goes to waste in the form of degradation and spoilage.

However, when you're producing cannabinoid-rich concentrates that require a different standard of preservation, TACarmor is the solution. The most protective and sustainable packaging isn’t necessarily the option crafted from flashy, marketing-friendly materials like ocean plastics, which pose their own risks and challenges. Sustainable cannabis packaging is tailor made to protect the unique characteristics of the product inside.

TACarmor offers a dual approach to protection without a double layer of material. By combining a fortified Lid polymer structure with Calyx’s unique secondary gasket seal, TACarmor Lids sustainably shield your extracts from oxygen ingress and cannabinoid degradation.

Cannabinoid Preservation as Sustainability

Since solventless extracts are low-yield, labor intensive products and are more costly to produce and purchase than their solvent extracted counterparts, they require thoughtfully selected packaging. As the market for concentrates grows and supply increases, so do Shelf Life and storage times. This, in turn, increases the risk of product loss and negative consumer experiences with your brand due to degraded or poorly maintained products. Loss of cannabinoids via degradation is also equivalent to product loss, drastically increasing the environmental impact of the cannabis industry as a whole.

TACarmor offers a dual approach to protection without a double layer of material. By combining a fortified Lid polymer structure with Calyx’s unique secondary gasket seal, TACarmor Lids sustainably shield your extracts from oxygen ingress and cannabinoid degradation.

Choose cannabis-optimized concentrate containers tailored to the specific level of performance needed for your extracts. By selecting TACarmor Lids for cannabinoid-rich concentrates, you’ll ensure every gram is protected through the end consumer’s experience, and reduce the waste associated with overprotection and unnecessary material usage. 

You should never worry about whether your packaging is the right fit for high-value products. Maintain your brand’s reputation, product value, consumer experience, and reduce your environmental footprint with Calyx’s thoughtfully crafted packaging solutions. Calyx is your partner in quality and sustainability–let us provide solutions so you can focus on what you do best.

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