How Calyx Drams Deliver Operational Efficiencies + Production Cost Savings

Does your packaging save you time, space, and budget? Calyx designs our products with your business goals in mind– don’t settle for anything less.

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How Calyx Drams Deliver Operational Efficiencies + Production Cost Savings

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Dec 14, 2023 3 min read

By Calyx Containers in Cannabis Packaging

In the world of packaging and operational efficiency, Calyx has long championed the idea of optimizing processes through the use of our Plastic Drams. However, a crucial aspect has remained largely unexplored until now—quantifying the tangible benefits for our high-volume and manual processing customers. Using a data-driven approach, we're able to provide concrete evidence of time and budget saved through the use of Calyx Plastic Drams.

This case study was performed by emulating common workflows in high-throughput packaging environments to understand benefits and efficiencies associated with different packaging formats. Our goal was to understand where our products excel, and where we can continue to improve. We focus on product benefits such as labor costs, filling time, and inventory management optimization in order to reveal the hidden costs of packaging and show you savings that directly impact your bottom line.

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Choose Calyx Drams to Boost Efficiency and Trim Labor Costs

Experience a 33% reduction in labor costs associated with Calyx Plastic Drams relative to industry standard packaging options. Mismatched, deformed, or contaminated parts can have detrimental effects on your packaging operation, resulting in significant slowdowns and added costs downstream. Calyx Plastic Drams are produced under rigorous quality standards to ensure you get the right fit and seal, every time.

Pack Faster and Eliminate Process Delays with Calyx Drams


Of all samples tested, Calyx Dram containers were the fastest and easiest to fill. Test participants reported that Drams were most ergonomic and reduced stress on their hands throughout the filling process, offering up to 1.5x more product packaged compared to other industry-standard packaging options. Calyx containers also arrive clean and ready to fill, eliminating the need for pre-fill washing and QA while reducing packaging scrap per order. 

A Square Footprint Saves Space + Streamlines Your Inventory Management

When paired with our modular and reusable Inventory Management System, Calyx Drams provide an incredible 200% increase in storage capacity per cubic foot, making them three times as space-efficient as the competition. This enhanced inventory organization not only optimizes storage but also empowers you to increase production, sales, and ultimately, your profitability.


Diagram explaining Calyx tray numbering process, allowing you to easily identify the number of drams in a tray

Calyx's at-a-glance Inventory Management System also allows you to count and manage 3x the number of units per hour than competitive options. Whether for production or retail, this means more efficient storage and inventory management as well as faster sales throughput. 

Achieve Operational Efficiency with Calyx Containers

While the up-front price of packaging is the most visible, hidden downstream costs and delays can have a big impact on the bottom line. Faster filling workflows and improved storage capabilities are just an added benefit to the premium functions of Calyx Plastic Drams. While sustainability, prolonged shelf-life, and eye-catching branding is in our DNA, we continue to push the limits of what our packaging can do for your team. Our Plastic Drams are the ideal packaging solution for your business, no matter what you grow and sell. Request a sample kit and see for yourself!

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