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Calyx Containers uphold food and child safety standards while setting a new standard in effective, efficient edibles packaging. Experience the sweet taste of profits.


Strengthen Your Edibles Storage + Sales

With Calyx, your end-customers can relax and enjoy their edibles until the last morsel, without worrying about spoilage or the kids getting into their infused treats. Our ultra airtight closure prolongs shelf life so your edibles stay fresh and tempting from packaging and sale to final consumption.

Calyx Infused Product Containers are rectangular and can be transparent for increased product viewability and appeal.
Edibles Strengthen

Packaging has been proven to influence the perception and taste of the food it contains.


Our sleek, safe containers will enhance consumers’ experience of your edibles and uplevel the perceived value of your dispensary or wholesale operation.

Sustainable, Memorable Packaging for Edibles Producers

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Calyx Infused Product Containers are manufactured from FDA-approved, recyclable materials. Further, our containers are fully customizable, creating branding opportunities from cap to base. We leverage brand colors and assets to transform your packaging into a shareable, reusable tool to lift customer conversion and retention.

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To keep contents fresh and secure, our child-resistant certified, airtight infused product containers are resealable no matter how many times they’re opened and closed, eliminating the need for sealed pouches. With our industry-leading automation compatibility, infused product producers can implement Calyx Containers directly onto the production line.

Supply Chain Benefits

Why We’re Better

Currently, edibles are sold in packaging designed for pills.

Dosed chocolates and caramels are wrapped in aluminum foil and paper sleeves. Special brownies, cakes, and cookies come in cardboard cartons and plastic clamshells. Cannabis candies are packaged in zip-top vacuum packs.

Edibles Whywe Rebetter

The critical problem with all of these packages is that they were designed to be opened and discarded immediately.

As opposed to their consumption habits with a traditional candy bar or bag of gummies, cannabis customers do not always finish an entire package of edibles in one sitting.

Calyx Containers solve problems.

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