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High Value Solution

At Calyx, we are driven by the desire to constantly improve our products, our industry, and our planet. Our aesthetic products combine incredible affordability with more benefits than any other marijuana packaging.

Calyx Flower Containers

Calyx Flower Containers come in four sizes to satisfy your cannabis packaging needs:

15D holds
1-2 grams of flower
15D Flower 25 D Container
25D holds
3.5-5 grams of flower
25D Flower 25 D Container
45D holds
7-10 grams of flower
45D Flower 25 D Container
145D holds
28 grams of flower
145D Flower 25 D Container

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Premier Product Protection

Consistent cannabis quality is a key point of difference for your dispensary or wholesale business. However, as a result of moisture loss and terpene degradation in your current container, the premium flower you package is not of comparable quality to the marijuana your customer ends up purchasing. Calyx Containers overcome these obstacles by upholding flower integrity so that what you fill is always what you sell.

Retains Moisture

How does Calyx Handle Moisture Loss?

Moisture loss is a familiar problem across legal cannabis markets. Humidity packs are costly, and product degradation is brand damaging. Calyx Flower Packaging’s patent-pending design provides the most advanced secondary sealing technology in the industry so moisture and profit stop evaporating from your containers.

Our products were engineered to preserve your products, so the flower your customer consumes has the exact same weight, freshness, and potency as the moment it was packed.

Retains Moisture

Maintain optimal moisture levels

Our products were scientifically engineered to preserve your flower

Block Uv Rays

Block UV Rays

Even with a clear container, Calyx Containers block UV light and protect from the damaging effects of sunlight

Reduces Oxygen Ingrees

Control oxygen levels

A secondary seal within the underside of the cap allows for tighter control of oxygen ingress

Spend to Save

More than just a marijuana packaging line, Calyx Containers and Trays comprise a seamlessly integrated system that pays dividends through product efficiency and labor reduction.

For rapid filling, sealing, and inventory reconciliation, our airtight containers close with a one-step press-down lock and form standardized grids in our trays, which keep count of the units they hold.

Calyx Containers are significantly more beneficial and beautiful than competitors, offering incomparable features and aesthetics.

Similar to LED lights, while the product itself may not be less expensive than the cheapest options up front, our products save you more money than the small difference in price in the long run.

Achieve true cost efficiency with Calyx Containers.

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Consumer Benefits

Consumer Benefits

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