Efficiency & Sustainability

Great for customers. Better for the planet. Best for business.


Practicing Responsibly

It’s all about green practices and reducing waste

For Calyx, delivering an efficient cannabis processing and storage solution goes hand in hand with ecological responsibility.

Simplified Storage + Sorting

Say goodbye to cluttered inventory.

Calyx runs your dispensary or wholesale facility the right way, right out of the box.

Baked-in Best Practices

The Calyx Packaging System implements standard operating procedures to improve workflow and grow your bottom line.

Numbered trays means faster inventory reconciliation and fewer errors.

Topside labels allow for streamlined product tracking and faster searching.

Color-codability allows for the easy separation and organization of products.

Built for your employees. Prepared for automation.

From supplier to store, Calyx Containers are compatible with automation tools and equipment.







Efficiency Squared. Compatibility Cubed.

Already sweeping the industry, automation is poised to become the future standard. When competitors scramble to retrofit their operations, your business will be positioned to scale quickly.

Calyx Cares

We are committed not only to disrupting the cannabis packaging industry with our best-in-class inventory management and modular storage solution, but also to protecting the planet while we protect your profits.

That’s why our containers are:

100 Recyclable 100% recyclable
Biodegradable Sustainable in landfills
Footprints Have a smaller footprint

Recycling is great. Sustainability is best. Calyx is both.

Accelerated degradation

Our unique additives are organic and FDA compliant. Calyx plastic begins to break down as soon as it enters biologically active landfills, as opposed to going through a decomposition cycle that would normally take significantly longer.

Calyx Diagram2

In today’s culture of environmental awareness, consumers put their money where their heart is.

Transitioning to Calyx premium sustainable packaging will elevate your brand image as you share in our mission and social purpose. Vendors serving retailers serving consumers serving Earth.

We all succeed together.

Save time. On everything.

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Child resistant. Law abiding. User friendly.

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