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Mike Shelbo Goblin Pendant

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Mike Shelbo Goblin Pendant

We can't get enough of Mike Shelbo's iconic goblin pieces. This custom set includes the featured Hot Glue Stick goblin head pendant, a custom chain, and a sticker pack of your favorite Calyx featured artists. Stickers include; Vela G, Mike Shelbo, and the limited edition Art of Glass sticker.

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Mike Shelbo Goblin Pendant

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Aug 11 2 min read

By Calyx Containers in Art of Glass

We can't get enough of Mike Shelbo's iconic goblin pieces. This custom set includes the featured Hot Glue Stick colored goblin head pendant. Shelbo's biggest art inspiration is the fantasy world he knew as a child, where goblins and faeries dwell, which he uses to create an artistic expression of self.

Mike Shelbo is a renown lamp worker and glass blower based in Vista, California. For Shelbo, glass is a medium for personal fulfillment and artistic expression. Mike Shelbo’s trademark goblin pieces are a complex and iconic lampworking style within the community, combining his love of fantasy creatures and sculpture. Shelbo’s personal standards of quality and detail convey his 23-year journey in glass art, and inspire his ethos of authenticity in the digital world.

What makes each goblin piece special?

These goblins are self portraits. Although this feature is just a standalone pendant, Shelbo creates his pieces as sculptures of things he would actually do in the real world. These pieces are true expressions of self.

What is your creative process like?

To put it simply, get super stoned. Weed gets the creative juices flowing, but it just makes the whole process a lot more fun.

Preferred technique used to melt glass?

The milli pull technique can be seen in many of Shelbo's pieces. Shelbo hand pulls the glass to sculpt the piece according to his vision.

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