Optimize transportation. Maximize space. Minimize labor.


Inventory Management Transformed

Calyx Containers lock into corresponding trays to form a functional, synergized system for the smart and effective operation of your marijuana dispensary or wholesale business. Manufactured from durable materials for optimal utility and longevity, Calyx Trays are:

Increase Employee Efficiency. Decrease Labor Expenses.

Calyx Trays perfectly complement our entire line of containers to optimize and organize inventory storage and transport.

Calyx Packaging slots right into our custom-molded trays to form stackable, palletable grids of containers, which may be quickly and effortlessly assembled, filled, and secured.

Calyx Trays make traditional, labor-intensive packaging and inventory reconciliation obsolete.

The tray stacks stay safe and organized in transport and arrive ready to be smoothly processed into storage.

For added convenience, Tray Inserts can be used separately from the Tray Frames, allowing you to lock in inventory with little added bulk or weight.

Expedite Inventory Reconciliation

Calyx Trays come equipped with a proprietary unit numbering system.

You’ll complete inventory in a fraction of the time and never have to count or recount cannabis containers again.

Standardize Your Storage Footprint

All equally sized at 11 square inches, Calyx Trays are custom molded so you can mix and match each of our container models in a stack or pallet. All of our trays maintain the same footprint for the modular storage of various volumes.

Inserts are the flexible component to the Calyx system of using Trays to manage your products. Not only are they easy to swap in and out, but they are also very easy to make. Custom inserts for both new and existing products can be made to your specifications, and allow the Tray system to remain future-proof as you choose to roll it out across your business.

Standardized shelving specs allow you to easily plan, set up, and manage your vault and van. Combined with the benefits of Calyx Trays’ proprietary unit numbering system, you’ll consistently conserve space, time, and money.

Lock into smarter savings and profits.

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