Product Advantages

Calyx is more than just cannabis packaging. It's a transformative system that saves space, time, and money.


Calyx Solves Key Industry Problems

The cannabis packaging currently on the market falls into two categories: Aesthetically-driven containers come with hefty price tags and false promises about their functionality. Inexpensive containers are disposable and lack utility.

Let’s be blunt. As soon as customers get home, they dump their product into a mason jar and throw their dispensary packaging in the trash.


Calyx Cannabis Packaging provides multiple opportunities for customization and high-visibility branding.

Every surface of our sleek container is designed to boost brand awareness and advocacy. Our products are conversation pieces that become your brand ambassadors.

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Efficiency + Sustainability

Our integrated inventory systems were developed to implement best-practice procedures and optimize every link in the supply chain, from harvest to point of purchase. The Calyx Line is fully reusable, recyclable, and optimized for accelerated degradation.

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Our cap closure mechanism is certified child-resistant and features senior-friendly ergonomics.

Calyx offers compliant labeling solutions that enhance the user interface and can be customized to comply with cannabis packaging laws in any state.

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Consumer Benefits

Selling your cannabis in the industry's first resealable container means that your consumers enjoy a fresher, longer lasting product. In addition to the Calyx suite of smart features, our industry-leading quality, compliance, and sustainability benefits keep your regulars loyal, comfortable, and consistently converting new customers for you.

Enhance Customer Experience

Calyx breaks the mold and the waste cycle.


At Calyx, we design and manufacture the highest quality cannabis containers at the best value for dispensaries, distributors, and customers.

Enhance Consumer Experience

Our next-generation storage and inventory management solution increases margin while setting a new standard in style.


It’s simple. We make marijuana packaging that professionals and consumers want to use and keep.