Concentrate Containers

The only glass jar designed specifically for cannabis concentrates.

Calyx Concentrate Containers will keep your product fresh as the day it was packaged and upgrade your customers’ experience.
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Thank you Calyx for providing us with a great experience, a beautiful product and a sustainable packaging solution for our future

It's been a pleasure working with the Calyx team. They are extremely detail oriented, fast and precise. The Calyx team worked diligently to ensure our brand looked exactly how we wanted it to. The Calyx team provided amazing customer service, never hesitating to field a phone call or answer one of our questions on a moments notice. I'm especially grateful for them hitting our aggressive timelines to roll out our new brand.

Author sima
Drew Sima
Creative Director of Native Roots

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Bridging the gap between Quality and Efficiency

Transform your customer experience with the certified child-resistant, Concentrate Containers. Designed to maximize usage for various forms of extracts.


A Novel Square Neck

Square is the perfect shape for extracts containers: easier to hold and easier to open, with no internal shoulder for product to get stuck under.

Reduces Static Ch Rge

Secure Seal, Anti-Stick Liner

Our unique seal ensures product stays as fresh as the day it was packaged, while the pre-formed FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) anti-stick liner and multi-shot TPE gasket keep terpenes well-preserved.


Sustainability to the Core

Our manufacturing process, and materials, are optimized for sustainability. Calyx seals are made of natural rubber in a simple two shot injection mold process, the FEP liner requires none of the adhesives or harmful glues generally used with anti-stick similar seals, and off-cuts from liners are recycled elsewhere in the process. Calyx Concentrate Containers are made with premium German glass and sustainable lids manufactured in the USA.

Reduces Oxygen Ingrees

Get Every Last Bit

The internal geometry of our Concentrate Container is designed to help your customers get every last bit of the product they paid for. Calyx Tip: remove the liner from the lid, throw it in the freezer, and flex the membrane to access the re-solidified concentrates.

Simplified Inventory Across Product Lines

Our Concentrate Container leverages the same techniques that simplify the supply chain for every product in Calyx’s line-up. The base of the jar fits seamlessly in our tray system for stacking and transporting, and numbered trays means faster inventory reconciliation and fewer errors.

Increase Your Customer Retention
Innovative - novel - smarter packaging for your customers.
Calyx has created the ultimate Concentrate Containers that will transform your customers’ experience with your products.
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Working with Calyx has been turnkey, and their customer service is outstanding.

We know the cannabis industry has a waste problem and sustainability is a top priority for Wana Brands. After extensive research on packaging options, we decided to partner with Calyx, which reduced our packaging waste by about 60%. The packaging has great shelf appeal, and we love the freshness seal, stackability of the containers and small footprint.

Author nancy
Nancy Whiteman
CEO of Wana Brands
Consumer Benefits

Easy-to-use containers that maximise usage and user experience.


Child-resistant certified. Law-abiding. User friendly. Calyx puts a lid on the competition.


Recycling is great. Sustainability is best. Calyx is both. 100% recyclable materials scientifically made to reduce waste footprint.

7 mL
Dimension: (Inner) 1.1" x 1.1" x 0.45"
Our 7 ML container is optimized for 0.5-1 gram of concentrates.
Trusted by more than 250 brands
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Concentrate Containers

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