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About us

Who We Are

We’re a group of fast-moving, highly creative thinkers united by a passion for innovation, sustainability, cannabis, and transforming how people package, transport, brand, and consume the products they love. Together, we continuously strive to empower, engage, and inspire each other while we collectively pioneer ways to improve our products, services, and planet.

Culture at Calyx

Building a company like Calyx starts with a laser focus on cultivating an environment that elevates each individual and our team’s joint performance. For us, it starts with our core values. Our people embody these values every day to guide decision-making across the entire organization, from who-to-hire and promote to making decisions in meetings. Get to know more about the Calyx values, the specific behaviors, and skills we care about most. The more these sound like you and describe people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive at Calyx.

  • Andy

    "Calyx is full of smart people who want to do smart things. We find and hire people who are experts in their specific fields and work together to drive innovation. "

  • Anneliese

    "I appreciate the flexibility and trust leadership has in us. Everyone truly has a seat at the table where their voice is heard."

  • David

    "I believe that everyone at Calyx is truly passionate about the mission. When people have passion for what we do, it drives the culture and we all pull in the same direction."

  • Jonathan

    "People are allowed to be themselves! We have a casual work environment, collaborative working style, and flexible work places and hours."

  • Dan

    "There's always a 'Can-do!' attitude versus a 'Nope, we can't do that!' mentality, no matter how big or small the idea or project is. We bring weaknesses or failures to the table to brainstorm and get better. Calyx creates a very inclusive environment with smart, talented individuals."

  • James

    "At so many companies now, everything is deprioritized behind the short-term view of shareholder value, including all aspects of sustainability. Our core values are based on some of the fundamental drivers that I've seen result in success over the course of my career. The values are all geared towards long term vision, and are not simply given lip service."

  • Jess

    "Calyx is really focused on getting the right people in the right spots, and cares about employees' career desires and wanting to help each individual grow. I see that from senior leadership, direct managers, and all throughout the organization."

  • Peter

    "What I love about Calyx is our desire to constantly create disruptive innovations. Whether it's our creative service team, the product team, or the leadership team with how the entire organization is run and focused."


All new hires go through a robust 4+ week-long orientation program. We're quick, but don't hurry your training. We are committed to putting you and our team in the best positions to be successful.

  • Medical, Dental + Vision Coverage

  • Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, + Life Insurance

  • Flexible, Unlimited Paid Time Off

  • 401 K

  • Working With Our Dream Team!

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Featured Roles

Financial Analyst - Allston, MA or Salt Lake City, UT

Controller - Allston, MA or Salt Lake City, UT

Quality Engineer - Allston, MA

Automation Product Manager - Allston, MA

Sales Development Representative
- Allston, MA