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Stay ahead of the curve

As businesses begin to transition to more modern packaging,
show your customers you care about them most.

Happy Customers. Healthy Business.

Calyx was developed to directly benefit dispensaries and wholesalers.

Our cannabis packaging line implements an unparalleled system of features, which optimizes your operations while serving and satisfying consumers. These features translate into benefits that get passed along in our packaging without any additional time or money from you.

Bragging Rights

Providing your customers with better product in higher quality packaging makes good business sense.

We made that possible, and then took it a step further.

The Smell Of Success

By retaining terpenes with a tight seal, product will smell nearly as fresh as the day it was cultivated.

Reusable + Resealable. Aesthetic + Advantageous.

Calyx Containers are the solution to short-term marijuana storage.

Our unique packaging provides a better, safer option than transferring product into a mason jar, which is neither optimally sized nor UV-blocking and results in degraded product.

Waste No More

For the consumers we surveyed, sustainability and discretion are top of mind when making a cannabis purchase decision.

That’s why all of our smell proof marijuana packaging is not only reusable, but also fully recyclable and engineered to degrade at an accelerated rate. With Calyx, customers can responsibly dispose of their used containers and will never again hoard piles of pop tops or other cheap empties to bring back to the dispensary.

Increase Customer Retention

As competition gets tougher, you can fall behind the curve by not keeping up with industry trends and standards, such as smarter packaging. When you switch to our inspired, easy-to-use containers, existing customers will love the improvement in product quality, and new customers will want to make you their only provider.

Grow and gratify your customer base.

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