What is Calyx


Quality. Compliance. Sustainability.

Calyx Containers and Trays transform marijuana packaging, providing unparalleled efficiencies, unique brandability, and downstream consumer benefits.
Experience our suite of smart features with exceptional legal compliance, child safety, and eco-friendly advantages.

Calyx products integrate into a sleek modular storage solution that streamlines operations across the cannabis supply chain, from wholesale distribution to warehouses and dispensaries.

Aesthetic yet functional. Simple yet secure.


Ultra airtight. UV blocking.

Calyx Containers combat the three adversaries of marijuana storage: moisture, oxygen, and UV light.


Reusable. Recyclable.

The Calyx Packaging System is sustainable, durable, and beautiful.


Smell proof. Certified child resistant. Senior friendly.

Our anti-rotation, teeth-blocking lock is part of an ergonomic, easy-open closure ideal for discreet adult consumers.


Stackable. Palletable. Nestable.

Calyx Containers and Trays fit together to organize your vault and vans for efficient storage and transportation.


Numbered trays with organized containers

Our container grids lock into auto-counting trays for optimized inventory reconciliation and a significantly lower 280E tax burden.

Inventory management and profit growth made easy.

Discover Calyx

Boost brand recognition and retention

with fully customizable coloring and labeling from cap to base.

Decrease employee error and theft

with topside labels, strain color-coding, and two levels of tamper evidence.

Uphold compliance

with opaque containers or shrink-wrapped transparent packaging.

Reduce your environmental and storage footprints

with our sustainable, standardized system.

Protect the planet, your product, and your bottom line.

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