Redefining vape and pre-roll storage, from customer experience to inventory management.

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Meet our Child-Resistant Tube

Calyx tubes bring our industry-leading packaging design to pre-rolls and vapes. Build your brand with storage that keeps product fresh and protected, with limitless branding opportunities and effortless inventory management.

Why Calyx


Sleek design

Our unique design and options give you the utmost flexibility in branding and packaging to wow your customers and comply with your state's regulations.

Reduces Static Ch Rge

Secure seal

Our unique seal ensures product stays as fresh as the day it was packaged.

Preservation Optimization

Seamless Supply Chain

Boost the efficiency of your dispensary or wholesale business with a product designed for simplified inventory management. All sizes of Calyx tubes fit seamlessly into numbered inserts that snap into trays compatible with all other types of Calyx containers.

Reduces Oxygen Ingrees

Smart Design, From Top to Rounded Bottom

A rounded bottom prevents the buildup of ash and keeps vape cartridges centered during transport.


Certified Child-Resistant

Calyx tubes are certified child-resistant by CPSC and ISO standards, featuring anti-rotation locks and a bite-blocking mechanism, while also remaining accessible and user-friendly for all adults.

Easy Open, Secure Close

Our two-step opening process is designed to be simple for all adults, including those with arthritis or other limiting disabilities. Simply press the back of the cap while lifting under the front tab to access your medication inside. Once you're done, an audible click confirms the tube is securely closed.

Choose the tube that's right for you.

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