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Calyx customer service is outstanding.

After extensive research on packaging options, we decided to partner with Calyx, which reduced our packaging waste by about 60%. The packaging has great shelf appeal, and we love the freshness seal, stackability of the containers and small footprint.

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Nancy Whiteman
CEO of Wana Brands

Our Ethos

Through years of hands-on work in dispensaries, we know the supply chain inside and out, from seed to sale. Every one of our products has been developed, manufactured, and tested by the Calyx team to create the best possible packaging line on the market.

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Why Calyx?


Calyx Cannabis Packaging provides multiple opportunities for customization and high-visibility branding.

Every surface of our sleek container is designed to boost brand awareness and advocacy. Our products are conversation pieces that become your brand ambassadors.

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Our integrated inventory systems were developed to implement best-practice procedures and optimize every link in the supply chain, from harvest to point of purchase. The Calyx Line is fully reusable, recyclable, and optimized for accelerated degradation.

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Our cap closure mechanism is certified child-resistant and features senior-friendly ergonomics.

Calyx offers compliance labeling solutions that enhance the user interface and can be customized to comply with packaging laws in any state.

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Quality product deserves quality packaging

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Concentrate Container

The only glass jar designed specifically for concentrates.

The internal geometry of our Concentrate Container is designed to help your customers get every last bit of the product they paid for. Calyx Tip: remove the liner from the lid, throw it in the freezer, and flex the membrane to access the re-solidified concentrates.

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Redefining vape and pre-roll storage, from customer experience to inventory management.

Calyx Tubes bring our industry-leading packaging design to pre-rolls and vapes. Build your brand with storage that keeps product fresh and protected, with limitless branding opportunities and effortless inventory management.

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Flower Containers

High Quality | Ultra Airtight | Child Resistant

Our multifaceted flower packaging was built from the ground up. Calyx Containers’ antistatic, UV-blocking material integrates with a resealable, airtight closure and senior-friendly, child-resistant lock for optimal cannabis storage, protection, and access.

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Edibles Containers

FDA-Approved Materials | Flavor Preservation | Prolonged Shelf Life

Our airtight, rectangular containers are the perfect packaging for merchandizing infused food products while preserving flavor and freshness. Calyx Container sizing corresponds to different edible shapes and quantities to minimize product shifting and damage.

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