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Brandability and shelf appeal are vital to the success of consumer packaged goods. They are even more essential in the cannabis industry.


The right blend of practical packaging and innovative design gives your brand a competitive edge and boosts the presence of your products on the shelf. Calyx Creative delivers a premium end-to-end experience by working with you to develop compelling, insightful creative solutions that elevate your products in the market.

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Let our team of creative experts develop designs that dazzle. Our team will partner with you to understand your unique needs and determine the creative package that will provide the most effective and enduring solution for your brand.


Transform your packaging with the Calyx Creative team as they bring your brand to life on our Calyx product dielines. With our extensive industry expertise, we'll craft a one-of-a-kind design that captures your brand's unique identity and showcases your product in a visually stunning and impactful way.


Calyx Creative will use your unique brand assets to develop semi-custom artwork with a pre-designed template from our Semi-Custom Portfolio. Alternatively, our designers can fulfill your label and box design needs by creating artwork based on your distinct brand guidelines.


You have the art, and we can make it fit. Share your existing packaging artwork files with the Calyx Creative team and we’ll apply them to our unique dielines. As you expand your offerings across Calyx’s product lineup, we’ll tailor your designs to new sizes and form factors.



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