Enhance shelf appeal. Strengthen consumer brand loyalty. Carve out your path to success with branded cannabis containers.


Spark Brand Awareness

Impress and retain your current customers, help attract new ones.

When most advertising and marketing is banned, put your resources where it matters most.

Superior Form + Function

Regulars will be proud to store your product in its original packaging rather than a mason jar, and customers who shop around will transfer competitors’ product into your branded container, boosting their bud’s longevity and your brand’s visibility.

Increase reach + frequency

Whether they’re on the coffee table, kitchen counter, nightstand, or medicine cabinet, your branded Calyx Containers become targeted advertisements to engaged prospects.

1A new age of cannabis branding is on the rise. Make sure your consumers will want to show off your brand assets to all their friends and family.

2When it comes to word-of mouth marketing, the value of qualified recommendations is priceless.

Our Container is your Canvas

Legal regulations limit marketing and advertising your cannabis dispensary or wholesale business.

These challenges constrain brand building, which is essential as you scale in an emerging industry across competitive markets.

White Container Big

Customizable brandability from top to bottom.

Branding Benefits + Possibilities

Calyx provides a blank slate for branding and  marketing.

Unlike traditional cylindrical containers that were produced for pills, our unique design features four flat sides, which provide a clear, level surface for text wrapping. That means your customers won’t have to rotate as they read.

The "Wow" Factor

Not having to rotate as you read means better shelf appeal & increased brand placement

Endless Branding Opportunities

More placement for branding means a stronger net impact

Easy for budtenders to use. Easy for customers to enjoy.


Add Some Color

Make your container unique, claim your look

Mix your hues and blues to find the perfect color your brand needs to stand out.

Your Brand - Picture Worthy

Expand your social reach

Fully customizable with unrestricted branding opportunities, all while being fully compliant.

Branding + Compliance

Our labeling and standard operating procedures work in concert to keep your business compliant with marijuana packaging laws.

Our tech-forward, environmentally ethical packaging is the best on the market. In branding your Calyx Containers, your business will be associated with our core values:

In many states, cannabis flower cannot be visible until the time of sale, which has necessitated opaque dispensary packaging.
Until now.

Don’t contain your brand. Elevate it.

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Efficiency + Sustainability

Great for customers. Better for the planet. Best for business.

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