Jmass x Kid Glass Collab: The Spore

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Jmass x Kid Glass Collab: The Spore

Glass artists Jmass and Kid Glass collab on this "Spore" rig, utilizing an opaque and translucent cool color palette, as well as semi-organic, cylindrical shapes. The Spore was the perfect opportunity to showcase each artists' individual styles, and served as an exchange of creative ideas through a common medium.

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Jmass x Kid Glass Collab: The Spore

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Aug 11 3 min read

By Calyx Containers in Art of Glass

Jmass has collaborated with other artists to create unique spins on his Spores, including Karma Glass, who is also featured in the Art of Glass Gallery. The Spore was the perfect opportunity to showcase Kid Glass’ style, and served as an exchange of creative ideas through a common medium. Lamp working heady glass follows other forms of art that were once unfairly considered degenerate, such as skateboarding or hip-hop. By continuing to master their craft, artists like Jmass and Kid Glass challenge the public to appreciate their work as a legitimate fine art.

Kid Glass is a talented lamp working artist that creates glass pieces as a form of self expression. Kid Glass’s career in glass originated with a broken piece in 2010, which he took into a shop and met some glassblowers. 10 years later, he is a talented lamp working artist that creates glass pieces as a form of self expression, but also as a protest statement. As part of the symbiotic relationship between cannabis and lamp working, these pieces take a stance against cannabis stigmatization and criminalization. Kid Glass finds a deep purpose in glass art as it aligns with his values.

Jmass started with glass in 2001 and has spent his career working with and learning from some of the best artists in the industry. After the birth of his firstborn, Jmass became serious about his glass art. Spores and sherlock pipes are some of his staples as an artist. Jmass loves to push himself outside of his comfort zone, and collaborate with the homies!

This piece includes glass from Glass Alchemy to play with transparent and opaque glass, while maintaining the integrity and contrast of each. This piece additionally features Blue Fade by Alchemy, and opaque cadmium colors in blue, black, and transparent blue.

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What do you look for in a collab?

Collabs are a great opportunity to further grow as an artist. Kid Glass views collaborations as an opportunity to break out of his own creative box, and to expand his techniques and talent through admirable artists such as Jmass. In looking to collaborate, Kid Glass seeks that sense of artistic fulfillment and progression.

How do you balance your art style with the artist you’re collabing with?

Jmass and Kid Glass met through mutual friends in the heady glass industry. For this piece, Kid Glass used the unique “sleeving'' technique, double layering glass over another to create a visual aesthetic. Jmass’ style usually features semi-organic, round, cylindrical shapes. When collaborating, it is important to plan ahead of time, to gain familiarity with the glass moves in order to manipulate the medium, and how this process will translate into the final piece.

How do you know when a piece is done?

From a technical standpoint, a piece is done when the concepts have been executed and it’s in the kiln. For Kid Glass, a piece is truly done once it is properly documented and shared with his audience. A piece has reached finality once there is a dialogue between those who enjoy it, collectors, and even amateurs who simply think it’s cool.

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