Calyx, noun

The sepals of a flower, typically forming a whorl that encloses the petals and forms a protective layer around a flower in bud

The calyx is at the core of our brand philosophy and product design.

We create protective packaging as purposeful, sustainable, and beautiful as that found in nature.

Our flagship product evolved by natural selection.

Calyx engineers expertly developed and tested more than a hundred prototypes prior to achieving the container we brought to market. The Calyx Packaging Line is perfectly adapted to thrive within the pharmaceutical ecosystem.

Rising above the challenge.

The Calyx team took on design challenges widely considered to be limitations and transformed them into opportunities for cultivating a discerning, dominant brand.


Turning Problems Into Profits

We founded Calyx in 2016 on a mission to solve the most persistent pain points facing modern dispensaries.

Having worked in packaging, our founders saw the problems of current packaging become the most expansive day-to-day challenge. Every stakeholder along the entire value chain was hindered by inefficiency and missed opportunity, pain points that only intensified at scale.

We searched for a standout solution but found none. No container was both aesthetically appealing and problem-solving. So we set out on a mission to innovate our own packaging system, optimizing the packaging supply chain and benefiting any industry in need of resealable, compliant containers.

At The Cutting Edge

We partnered with the country’s leading product designers and advanced packaging manufacturers to introduce the most state-of-the-art, child-resistant packaging in the industry.

Our passion pushed us to develop a full lineup of feature-rich, patent-pending containers and trays. Now offering a comprehensive packaging and inventory solution, we’re delivering on our promise to improve operations in the packaging industry and beyond.

Calyx Containers provide unrivaled product preservation and streamline every stakeholder’s role to save employees time and business owners money. Not only do we make life easier for consumers, but we also enhance each product's quality, storage, and access for consumers.

The Calyx Value System

We are deeply committed to quality, compliance, and sustainability. Our three core values unite to drive our standards above the competition, placing Calyx at the vanguard to lead the industry into the future.

S u s t a i n a b i l i t y

We care about our products’ impact on the environment.

Your customers value ecological responsibility, and we take their priorities to heart. We don’t believe a company can be the best or most compliant if it only concerns itself with its industry ecosystem and not with our greater, shared ecosystem.


Child safety and state mandates didn’t limit our packaging design options.

They inspired us to work within the legal framework to realize our vision of offering the highest quality, most compliant containers on the market.


Calyx Containers uphold the highest degree of quality throughout the value chain.

Our premium packaging provides incomparable protection, delivering consistent product to customers and elevating both the quality of work within our industry as well as consumers’ personal experiences.

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